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22 GHS

610 units

610 sms


117 voice


1016 emails


45 GHS

1300 units

1300 sms


250 voice


2166 emails


199 GHS

6050 units

6050 sms


1163 voice


10083 emails


697 GHS

22500 units

22500 sms


4326 voice


37500 emails


1595 GHS

55000 units

55000 sms


10576 voice


91666 emails


1595 GHS

55000 units

55000 sms


10576 voice


91666 emails

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Two Way SMS

The system has a 2-way functionality feature which enables recipients of sms to give feedback via the same sms channel to the sender.

Conversation History

Chat history allows users to save and retrieve chat messages from both on-going and previous conversations.

Easily Manage Contacts & Lists

Contacts can be easily managed without any difficulty. You can import/upload contacts from various sources, easy search for specific contacts, quick creation of groups...

Track Every Message with SMS Reports

Instantly generate and retrieve reports for all sent messages; with generated reports providing insightful details on pending messages, failed messages and successful deliveries.

Schedule Your Messages in Advance

Schedule and send your messages when needed. Set your message to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Personalise Your Texts with Tags

Get creative! Explore the tags option to give your business and brand an amazing persona across your targeted audience and clientele.

Pricing FAQ's

Am i tied into contract with you?

No, we don't tie you into any contracts or minimum terms, and never charge any setup fees. We don't feel the need to tie you in because we are 100% confident that you will return because of our unique service offering and value for money. Feel free to come and go as you please!

I found it cheaper elsewhere, will you match the price?

We Guarantee to match any genuine price found elsewhere, and in most cases we will beat it!

What is a credit?

A credit is a single text message which is 160 characters including spaces.

Will you help me?

Of course we will. We have friendly, experienced staff based in our UK office who are more than happy to manage your account. Some customers are happy to be left to it, while other customers like us to send, schedule and manage their account. We are more than happy to do this - and there is no cost for this at all.

Free try really? What's the catch?

There really is none! We are so sure that you will love our system that the only way we can show you is to let you inside! All new clients receive 25 free credits and full access! Give it a go!

Need to know more?

Don't forget, you can and speak to an expert today or explore our knowledge base to find out more about our products and services.

How do i buy SMS?

Add funds to your account based on how many messages you need to send. Our platform doesn’t use a complex credit system, just money. Log in and visit the store and follow the instructions to top up the amount you need. If you plan to send a large volume of messages, we recommend that you top up enough to meet the minimum spend required for a higher tier so you know you are getting the best rate possible.