Voice BroadCast

Voice Broadcast delivers recorded messages to multiple phones all at once. The phone calls are made automatically without any further action needed once a list of numbers is given to the voice broadcasting service. Examples of groups that can use this service include: schools, religious bodies, political parties, sports groups, staffing companies, Ngo’s...


Send Your Messages Across Most Effectively. Choose TXTConnect

Why Voice Broadcasting works
for business communications

more effectively

Our two-way text messaging channel caters to the need for receiving and dealing with feedback from customers promptly. Reach clients in real time even when their phones are roaming.


txtConnect allows you to segment your database by as many groups as you can. Allowing you to reach targeted markets for your various product offerings.

Customized for

For your market launch, staff retreats and customer engagement activities, upload and broadcast your unique service offerings just they way you intend.

all voice broadcast features

Customized Messaging

Record your messages in your own voice and language. Give your clients a more personalized experience.

Receive messages as inbound calls

All voice messages are sent through out-bound calls to the handheld devices of your clients.

voice response