Text Messaging

Messages are disseminated via mobile phone terminals. It allows both the sender and the receiver to exchange messages instantly. It is mostly used by individuals,media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.


Send Your Messages Across Most Effectively. Choose TXTConnect

Why texting works for
business communications

more effectively

Our two-way text messaging channel caters to the need for receiving and dealing with feedback from customers promptly. Reach clients in real time even when their phones are roaming.


txtConnect allows you to segment your database by as many groups as you can. Allowing you to reach targeted markets for your various product offerings.


Affordable...No matter the size of your marketing budget, txtConnect will help by maximizing the number of impressions your brand makes.

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Two Way SMS Chat

Send simple SMS to your contacts and have them respond to you directly.

Multiple Group Options

Our platform allows you to create as many groups as you can.

Easily Manage Contacts & Lists

Assign a date and time for your SMS delivery.

Delivery SMS

Access SMS status on the platform with ease.

voice response